Arena is filled with 33 glowing targets that you'll need to accurately hit to win. Hit as many targets as you can quickly in Swat, search for elusive patterns in Hunt, or test your recall with Memory and flip targets to find hidden pairs.

Scale an interactive flowing rock wall in Climb. Navigate carefully while avoiding red rocks in Technique, challenge your friends in Climb's competitive games, or try Wack-A-Hold and grab flashing blue rocks while holding onto the wall.

In Control, you'll tilt on a standing joystick to move on the giant screen ahead. Navigate a maze in Maze Runner, test your speed in Collect, or work together to clear the screen of squares by shooting only your colour in Bumper.

Lead across a 16x16 floor of glowing, weight-sensitive tiles in Grid. Jump between blues while avoid reds in Grid, memorize a disappearing pattern in Flash Mines, or solve tricky puzzles by pressing specific tiles in Strategy.

Run between buttons while dodging four glowing eyes in our room Hide. Sprint to find your colour in Relay, work together to spell words in Words, or serach through a numbered sequence with missing digits in Numbers.

Sink baskets as the backboards shift colours in Hoops. Try Barrage to test your speed, answering challenging questions in Trivial, memorize a sequence of colours in Simon Says, or swoosh through the net at just the right moment in 15 Green.

Dive, dodge, and roll through over 100 lasers in our room, Laser. See if you can cross the room as lasers appear and shift in Laser Maze, or test your reflexes in Photon Rush and launch a barrage of beams you'll need to avoid.

Work together to bring a single ball to the correct hole in Pipes. Search for a specific pattern in Piperooni, unscramble and input a word in Scramble, or search for the pattern that doesn't fit with the others in Odd One Out.

Push is filled with hundreds of glowing buttons. Search for a specific pattern in Rings, find a cluster of buttons in Camo, or try to memorize the colours of multiple groups before revealing them with their pair in Match.

Super Grid is over twice the size of regular Grid. Test out your speed and agility by hopping between blue tiles in the game Super Grid, or search for puzzle pieces in Jigsaw.

Trench combines moving lasers with glowing targets and blasters. Shoot targets on the opposite wall and crawl through a field of lasers in Trench, or memorize target colours and positions in Flash Fire.

Mega Grid is twice the size of Grid and features twenty buttons with their own screens. Freeze at the right time in Statues, rush to the right spot in Mega Zones, and count quickly in Order Up.