Who We Are

The choice next level entertainment

Activate started with an idea: what would it be like if we could actually be players inside a video game? How would that work? Next came two years, countless creative people, and an immeasurable amount of innovation. The result was a completely new form of entertainment that we call active gaming.

After extensive testing, the original location opened its’ doors to the public in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on January 24th 2019. Our state-of-the-art gaming facilities in Canada and the United States offer a variety of unique gaming rooms with over 200 levels for players to complete, earn stars, and track achievements online. Often gaming and physical activity are thought to be mutually exclusive yet Activate brings them together to create an immersive experience as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

Taking entertainment into the future by fusing technology and physical activity together to create live action gaming experiences.

Our Values

Activate is committed to ensuring our customers know their voices have been heard. Our staff is always ready to engage with customers and are receptive to all feedback. Our goal is to make every visit to Activate better by using state-of-the-art technologies and elevating experiences in new ways.

At Activate, we know how important it is to never be finished. We aspire to always be first in the market by regularly looking at how to improve as employers, entertainers, and innovators. Consistent reimagining and self-evaluation creates endless opportunities for us to develop and implement new technologies.

Activate started as a small local business with a focus on giving back to the community through sponsoring sports teams and hosting events for non-profit organizations. Doing so has established Activate as more than just an entertainment business, and we strive to take that community engagement to every city.

Activate is committed to our employees’ development within the company. Our goal is to foster continuous learning to make our employees feel like working at Activate is more than just a job. We aim to know every employee and will encourage them to be the best they can be at work and in their career goals.

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